The Newest American Export to London

Kate Spade has just hit Regents Street.

Disney Roller Girl

Disney Roller Girl

Kate Spade, the often ironically preppy brand, has come to new shores in a big way this month: it just opened its first major store on one of the busiest streets in the whole of Europe. In fact, Regents Street alone caters to a reported 7.5 million tourists visits per year and employs over 20,000 people. Kate Spade makes sense in this booming location on Regents Street, sitting next to JCrew, Michael Kors, Burberry, 7 Jeans For All Mankind, Barbour and Church’s, to name a few.

The store’s decor adapted to its new locale incorporating a neon sign at the exit that reads ‘Cheerio’ and fixtures created by photographer Poppy De Villeneuve and illustrator Daisy Devilleneuve that read: “she serves takeout takeaway on fine china” and “ta-da! bob’s your uncle.” Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade New York’s Creative Director recently told Refinery29:

“Brits have a sense of humor in the way we approach fashion, which I innately understand, being one myself. I’ve integrated this into the product offering through conversation starting novelty bags, and elements of surprise and delight in stores. There is always a wink and a nod in our products and throughout our collections. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, which is quintessentially British, as it turns out! We love to smile and look on the bright side. I think everyone could use a little of this optimism – in fashion and beyond.”