Spectacular London Florists

For the city where rainy days seem to be endless, London certainly knows how to grow and cut fresh flowers. Garden parties dominate the social scene from spring up until mid autumn. What’s even more daunting is that England is home to roses that bloom off and on throughout the year. All of this means that consumers are overwhelmed with options when it comes to picking the right flowers for them. London florists are a plenty, but we’ve sorted out ten that are truly spectacular. Whether it’s finding a company that can deliver flowers to your mother in law, to your home on a regular basis or catering for a major event, we know you’ll have luck with one of the astounding floral groups highlighted below:

McQueens for perfection.


McQueens hands down, has the most stylish and manicured bouquets in London. Katy Ellis’ company has blossomed from a small shop in Clerkenwell to a major enterprise that adorns events annually like Wimbledon, couture fashions shows and even the Vanity Fair Oscar’s after party out in Los Angeles. For flower enthusiasts who want to up their game from the best of the best, McQueens now offers professional courses. Options span from a one day session to four week course that focus on a variety of techniques and designs with hands on help from the experts themselves.
Wild at Heart for something romantic.

Nikki Tibbles’ Wild at Heart has been making waves in the London flower scene for about 20 years now. Along with their original Turquoise Island shop on Westbourne Grove, Wild at Heart also has a concession in Liberty’s Soho and a flagship store on London’s premiere interior design street, Pimlico Road. Nikki’s team uses locally grown flowers and concentrates their seasonal batches on bright to dramatically creamy and lush color schemes. Always relying on high flower content, low on supporting foliage, Wild at Heart is for the romantic flower buyer. Having worked on events for National Gallery, Kensington Palace, St. James’ Palace and the Victoria and Albert Museum to name a few, we think you’ll agree that Nikki’s arrangements are superb too.


Scarlet and Violet for an authentic garden look.

Londoners in the flower world know will recognize this florist for famously adorning Kate Moss’ garden wedding. Vowing to only pick their flowers daily from the market straight from Holland and England alike, Scarlet and Violet bundle colors and textures together always make for traditional, beautiful garden specials.


Fjura for something exotic.

Established in 2005 by Australian native, Simone Gooch, Fjura moved its company over to London to cater to some of the most grand events annually. What makes Gooch’s arrangments particularly striking is their ever-changing quality from bouquet to bouquet; inconsistent heights, color schemes and textures make each bundle fascinating. Fjura will appeal to the more eccentric floral lovers out there who desire something extraordinary. Hand delivered flowers and large floral installations are their two self-proclaimed specialities and judging from their gallery, we’d have to agree.


Grace and Thorn for something rustic.

Grace and Thorn was founded by Nik Southern in 2011 with their primary aim of bringing something entirely devoid of tradition and symmetry for a wholly naturalistic look. Constant change on the Grace and Thorn menu highlights Southern’s preference for unique combinations of design and movement. Fashion houses are Grace and Thorns biggest fan these days; Burberry, GQ, Whistles, Adidas, Marie Claire and The French Connection are a few institutions that swear by Grace and Thorn’s arrangements.


Flowerbox for the constant gardener.

Flowerbox is really something special; it’s a London based florist where deliveries of fresh cut flowers from Holland markets are shipped directly to your home and can be made based on the frequency of your choosing. Picking bundles of spectacular cuts straight from the source couldn’t be easier thanks to their clean and simple website, separated up by seasons, color and breed. For the flower buying who wants to keep their home in season by bringing the best of the best to their doorstep with the click of a button, Flowerbox is a no brainer.


Bloom & Wild for fast and easy delivery.


Quality flowers that get to the person you want to treat, fast. That’s what Bloom & Wild promises with the services. Already cut and packaged flowers will arrive to an address in the greater London area the day of order. With so many florist making perfectly positioned bundles, something that flower consumers commiserate over is that moment when you have to disassemble a masterpiece to work in your home.  The best part about the service is it’s no fuss, put in a vase method! Problem solved.