Some Like It Hot: Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Dinner and a Movie

Going to dinner and a movie is nice, but you can only eat so much salmon at your favorite restaurant before wishing for a break in the monotony.  If you are planning a date night, here are several ideas to make a memorable evening.

Enjoy the Outdoors

The great outdoors, remember them?  It’s that place that’s outside your office window, begging for you to come visit.  It doesn’t matter if you live in hot or cold climates, there are plenty of ways to get a breath of fresh air on your date:

  • Take a hike:  Pack a lunch and spend the morning grunting and sweating up a mountain.  Just be sure to wear your waterproof mascara and light makeup so your face doesn’t run down your performance T-shirt.
  • Picnic:  Grab a blanket and some sandwiches and head to a park.  Make it romantic with a bottle of wine (if alcohol is permitted) and LED lights instead of candles (we got your back, Smokey the Bear).
  • Go wild:  Take a trip to the zoo!  Plenty of walking, sight-seeing and fun to be had for all ages – even adults.
  • Hit the water:  Rent a kayak and spend a few hours on a lazy river or lake.

Rainy Day Ideas

Can’t get outside?  Try these:

  • A new kind of coffee date:  Grab a DVD, your laptop and two sets of headphones (you might need to pick up a splitter) and head to a coffee shop.  Pick a booth in the corner and make it your own private theater.
  • A little learning:  Hit a museum, broadening your knowledge of culture – and each other.  Or, pick a room with comfortable seating and simply people-watch.
  • Take a class:  You can glaze bowls, learn to paint or any do other number of crafty activities.  Check out your local craft store for when they teach skills both you and he will enjoy.  Or sign up for salsa lessons – a great way to get close to each other.

Ticket Ideas

Sometimes, the best dates are the ones when you can cheer and laugh together:

  • Laugh it up:  Find out when one of your favorite comedians is coming to town and grab drinks before hand – he or she will be even funnier after a cocktail.
  • Play ball:  Pick a sport you can both enjoy and sink your teeth into stadium food.  Sunny days are great for baseball, and cold Sundays mean you can snuggle up while cheering on your favorite football team.
  • Tasting:  Pick a local winery and schedule a tour, blind-sampling different varieties and testing each other’s knowledge.
  • At the track:  Live near a horse track or other racing venue?  Place a bet and enjoy the excitement of the race track together.


A great way to spend time together and do something that makes a difference:

  • Paw people:  Hit up a local animal shelter and take some of the dogs for a walk.
  • Serve others:  Schedule an evening to work at a soup kitchen, or call ahead to find out when they need volunteers the most.
  • Cuddle babies:  Yes, you can spend some time cuddling babies.  This may not be a good first-date idea, but for couples thinking of having children or for those whose babies are grown, it could be a lot of fun.