Selfridges Combats Unrealistic Body Image With Stunning Short Film

“I feel powerful like a Ferrari. Fast. Furious. Strong.” These are the first words to come out of a woman’s mouth in Selfridges empowering new short film aimed to promote healthy body image in a world where most camera lenses have a voyeuristic, male gaze. The artistic endeavor originated from the London department store’s pursuit to celebrate its new 37,000 ft Body Studio along with its five-year £300 million revamp.

Dressing for yourself and not for others is the battle cry of the film directed by Kathryn Ferguson. In four minutes, Ferguson shows audiences a variety of women of different shapes, backgrounds, ages and races. The cast includes WAH Nails founder, Sharmadean Reid, model Naomi Shimada, trans nail artist Charlie Craggs, Michele Lamy who is Rick Owens’ wife and muse Ruqsana Begum, the Thai boxing champion and Hijab fashion designer.

The collection of beauties describe to the camera their favorite features of their bodies. In fact, their not just bodies in these women’s opinion. They’re incredible machines. Whether it’s creating life, being healthy, letting go of an old aesthetic and embracing the one you’ve got- these women seem to have the secrets to being self actualized and content. Take a look at the empowering film above.