Online Dating – No Longer Just for the Socially Reclusive

You’re busy. You’ve got a high-pressure job. You’ve got family that counts on you to check in at least once a week…or day. You live in a strange place and struggle to meet new people who have the same interests as you do. Yet, something inside of you still cries out for a soul mate. You have no desire to spend the rest of your life alone eating microwave dinners and wearing your sweats every day after five, so you’ve got to turn somewhere. Surprisingly enough, online dating may hold more appeal than you think.



Are You Picky?

Let’s face it – everyone has their quirks. You’re going to be forced to overlook some of them, because you’re asking your dates to ignore your tendency to floss your teeth in public and talk obsessively about your dog. The problem is, many of these quirks are deal breakers, and it’s tough to determine which ones you’re dealing with just from a phone call.

Online dating sites allow you to interact with your potential mate and discover those annoying tendencies long before you waste any time or a brand new outfit on someone who just doesn’t make your girly parts sing.

Are You Limited by Distance?

So you live in Boston. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t meet a great guy that lives in, well, basically anywhere! No longer are you limited by your geographical location when searching for The One. Whether you live in a big city or a tiny, rural town, meeting people that spark your interest is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The wide world of the Internet opens up your potential pool of likely mates by millions. No longer are you limited to those you can see. Email, phone and texting are great ways to discover if you can start an interesting conversation with another person. Who knows, maybe it will work and one of you can relocate somewhere new and exciting.

Are You Worried You’ll Meet a Few Crazies?

The odds of you meeting a serial killer on an online dating site are no higher than you meeting one in real life. You may hear about it on the news, but psychopaths don’t usually troll online dating sites for their victims.

According to recent statistics, 44% of adult Americans are still single, and over 40 million Americans turned to online dating services to find somebody to love. Truthfully, online dating has become the perfect way to get to know someone without the awkwardness of a blind date.

Women, Take Note

Statistics suggest that for every 100 unmarried women, there are only 86 men that are looking for love and commitment. What this number boils down to is the fact that you simply don’t have time to waste if you want to find the man of your dreams.