No More Bridezilla – It’s His Wedding, Too!

Traditionally, the groom just sits back and lets the bride take over during the wedding planning phase.  Truth is, he simply doesn’t care if you choose pastel purple or Tiffany blue, and he recognizes the wisdom in letting you have what you want.

You can’t really expect him to be invested in the big day though if he has zero input.  It’s true that it’s your day to shine, but you’re also entering in an equation that involves two, so start off on the right foot by getting him involved in the planning phases.  Tailor the decisions he makes to things that are important to him, and watch how meaningful the day becomes to him.

Let Him Decide the Budget

Play up his ego by suggesting that his “math brain” handle the budget for the wedding.  Most men like to be in charge of money and aren’t going to turn down an offer to prove that they can handle such a task.  Obviously, you could do it better, but he doesn’t need to know that.

Negotiating Prices

This goes hand in hand with budgeting.  Men love to negotiate and get a good deal, and you’ll be doing a lot of that throughout the process.  Take him with you to your appointments and let him haggle your vendors to a reasonable price.  Let him try to get you a bunch of extras thrown into your price and package.

Building and Decorating

You can save a good chunk of cash by decorating on your own, and most men are good with their hands.  Put him in charge of building some of your larger decorations or helping you plan the spacing for the venue.  Listen closely to his ideas, because this might just be one thing he does do better than you.

Write Your Own Vows

Nowadays, many couples choose to write their own wedding vows.  Since this is one of the most important parts of your ceremony, suggest writing your own.  You’ll get a good glimpse into how much he loves you, and he might even cry more than you do when he’s forced to confront his feelings.

Menu and Bar

If he has a Y chromosome, he’s probably (definitely!) loves food.  Pick a menu for the big day together and yes, pigs in a blanket are a totally acceptable hors d’oeuvres.  Also, put your honey in charge of the wine and bar for the event.  If he’s really motivated, you can ask him to throw a party before the event and invite all his friends over for a wine-tasting.  He might even want to make up some of the drinks at your reception, but we suggest you subtly encourage him to go easy on the booze.  After all, it is your wedding night, and a passed-out groom can’t give you what you want.