Mobile Learning: Best Education Apps for Kids

Not all video games are harmful. In fact, there are some fantastic applications for your phone or mobile devices that can help further a child’s education. With so many choices out there, parents may need a little help choosing quality apps. Before hitting “download,” consider the following:

• Good apps have clearly written descriptions with the learning goals listed
• Check to see if it has recently been updated – at least within the last year
• Look at the detailed reviews instead of just star ratings
• Try out the app yourself before turning your kids loose on it

Need help figuring out which apps to download? Check out some of the best ways your kids can learn from anywhere:

Toddler-Preschool Age

Handing a child an iPad does not have to be dangerous (have you ever spent 20 minutes looking for an app your toddler “deleted”?). Two-year-olds are now navigating mobile devices better than Mom and Dad. Your child likely already knows which folders hold their games and videos. Here are some great learning apps that feature characters they already know:

• Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss: A fantastic e-book that helps your child learn to read by providing an interactive experience ($3.99)
• The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic: All the aquatic adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her students that teaches science through pictures, games and videos (free “light” version or $8 for the full version)
• Fish School HD: Learn letters, numbers, shapes and colors through colorful fish ($2.99)
• Visit the Zoo Interactive Environment Series: An amazing animal experience through which your future veterinarian or zoologist can learn about wild animals and their habitats (free)

Primary School Age

Turn long car rides, rainy days or summertime into a learning experience for kids in grade school by handing them an iPad loaded with these:

• Math Easy: For children just starting to practice basic arithmetic, this app utilizes connect-the-dots and counting games ($1.99)
• Baloony Word: A game for parents and children, this vocabulary “hangman-esque” app allows kids to learn new words and practice spelling ($1.99)
• Stack the States: Young students can hone their geography skills learning state shapes, capitals and abbreviations (99 cents)
• School Zone Time, Money & Fractions On-Track: From reading a clock to learning coins to knowing which fraction is bigger, your child learns a variety of basic skills ($4.99)

High School

Teenagers may not be as into “fun learning” as their younger brothers or sisters, however, that does not mean the mobile world can’t offer them something. Check out these helpful apps:

• iStudiez Pro: Helps students organize homework assignments, due dates and test dates. ($2.99)
• Pages: A huge bonus to this app is that you can store your work on all your Apple devices. Create essays, newsletters, notes and letters. Your child leaves their report at home? They can access and print it from their phone. Also check out Numbers. ($9.99)
• Flashcards+: Gone are the days of index cards – this app allows students to create flashcards for anything they need to study (free)
• Essentials by AccelaStudy: Learning a foreign language just got easier with pre-made flashcards and audio quizzes to help with both vocabulary and pronunciation. (free)