Make Your Skinny Dreams Come True: Give Up Soda Now!

Despite the plethora of facts and statistics informing Americans that soda can actually be bad for you, many of us cling to that last vice, even as we attempt to shed the pounds.  Is it really true that soda is THAT bad for you?  Can drinking too much cause you to keep on unwanted pounds?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is: YES!  Drinking too much soda doesn’t just affect the way your body looks; it’s also linked to serious health complications like obesity, kidney disease and high blood pressure.  Lawmakers in New York even tried to place a ban on large sugary drinks in an attempt to curb the obesity epidemic.

Even with all the numbers staring you in the face, kicking the addiction is more difficult than many people realize.  From headaches to mood swings to serious cravings, giving up your favorite soda is similar to giving up any other hard substance.  We’ve got some tips that will make the process a little more bearable, and make you more tolerable as you try to quit.

Set Goals

As with any other vice, going cold turkey is a recipe for disaster.  Try to wean yourself off your soda consumption a little bit at a time.  For example, if you drink more than 64 ounces in a day, try cutting that in half for a week before you cut it down even more.  Set weekly and monthly goals to help you keep your eyes on the prize.  The added bonus is the fact that you get to watch the pounds drop away every time you step on that evil little scale.


Good luck trying to replace every drink with water.  It just won’t happen, unless you’re a superhero.  Replace that sugary drink with something that tastes great but doesn’t trash your body.  Stock up the house with a few substitute drinks before you even start your attempts to lower your pop consumption.  Replace soda with your favorite of the following:

  • Juice
  • Sports drinks
  • Milk
  • Sparkling water
  • Iced tea

Even something as simple as adding a lemon to your water may give you the perk you need to keep going.  Trust us, after just a few weeks, water will be your new craving.

Track Your Consumption

How many times have you insisted that your health habits aren’t as bad as they seem, only to start calculating in your head and realizing that you consume a mortifying amount of soda every day?  Sometimes the only kick you need to get going is the realization that your addiction is a little bit out of control.

Prepare for a Rough Few Weeks

Withdrawals come in different forms for everyone, but when you are trying to rid your body of a substance you are mildly addicted to, you can expect some changes in hormones and chemicals.  Weaning off soda will help to control a good chunk of these symptoms.

If you drink soda with caffeine, be prepared for withdrawals.  Caffeine can be addictive in the right setting, and lowering your pop consumption may put you in a bad mood for a few weeks.  You can expect headaches, less energy and some serious mood swings.  The good news is that these symptoms will pass after a few weeks.  Stick it out.  We promise it’s worth it.