Lights, Camera, Selfie: How To Catch Yourself in Your Best Light

Everyone in the world can easily be divided into two groups: those who take selfies, and those who don’t. If you don’t know what a selfie is, you have undoubtedly seen one: a picture in which the person has obviously snapped the photo of him or herself. You know – the pics where you can see an outstretched arm or half a blurred thumb in the corner. Want to learn how to take the most flattering photo of yourself? Stick to these tips.

Look in the Mirror

Teeth check! Any food scraps in there? Hair looking OK? You don’t want to snap a picture only to have to re-do it because you noticed your mascara is all over your face. Check yourself out before snapping and saving. Fix your flyaways and touch up your makeup.

Keep It Light

Pictures taken in poor lighting are basically worthless. Have you ever gotten on Facebook only to wonder what someone was trying to accomplish by posting a figure of dark blobs in a dark room? Make sure you are in ample – but flattering – light. Don’t go too bright: Fluorescents can be kill a selfie quicker than an unflattering angle.

Know Your Surroundings

So, you want to snap a quick pic of your new hairstyle while sitting on your bed. OK – just make sure to get that dirty laundry out of the background first. Hello! No one needs to see that. Opt for safer backdrops, like a clean room, blue sky or solid-color wall. The only exception to this rule is if you are snapping a selfie with the purpose of showing your reaction to what’s in the background. Then, make sure you use the front camera on your phone so you can be sure to get enough of your face and the background action in the frame.

Blurred Lines

Movement can add a fun element to a picture if you have a great camera, but odds are you don’t have a great shutter speed on your phone. Avoid a blurry picture by staying still until you see the flash.


Miss Tyra herself said it best. No one is watching you snap photos of yourself in your bathroom, so get your best fierce face on! Load on the eyeliner and strike a sexy pose. Selfies are inherently a little egotistical anyway, so you may as well go all-out and have a ball with it.

Be Silly

Isn’t that the point of at least 90 percent of selfies? You’re out with friends, excited about the game, just found out they are re-releasing your favorite, once-extinct nail color. Whatever gets your juices going, strike a silly pose and snap. Go fish face, cross your eyes, whatever. It’s your memory for the making.

Hello, Photo Effects!

Yes, absolutely, touch up your pictures. Whether you’re choosing from the filters in Instagram or covering up those pimples, you do what you need to do to be happy with your picture. Especially if you are going to post it on your timeline, you want it to look good, right?

Practice Makes Perfect

You might end up with 10 photos to scroll through before you find one in which you don’t have a double chin or awkward half-smile. That’s OK! It takes time to perfect the art of the selfie. Everyone else will think you took an impromptu pic even if you spent 20 minutes putting on the finishing touches.