Levi’s Embraces Recycling to The Nth Degree

Levi’s has transcended generations of denim wearers for over 150 years now. It’s no surprise that its universal appeal has encouraged innovation throughout the years; and Levi’s newest upgrade is certainly an exceptional one. Levi’s would like to welcome the world to sustainable fashion with an entirely new line of jeans, the Signature Slim-Fit 511, that use five discarded cotton t-shirts to make a single trouser.  

In partnership with textile technology startup Evrnu™ SPC, the innovative jean uses 98% less water than most cotton products. Levi’s recognition that the story behind a carefully crafted product is just as important as the product itself will surely appeal to millennials worldwide.

It marks a huge breakthrough in recycling technology when it comes to fashion, and it doesn’t come at the cost of style. The texture, cut, feel and movement of the jeans are pretty much identical to the older, less environmentally friendly styles. The 511 will hopefully raise awareness to other brands to be more cognizant of their water footprints in the fashion industry.