Kings Return To UK To Prove A Point

The Kings of Leon got a bad reputation with their last album “Mechanical Bull” with many critics claiming that their sound had turned blatantly generic. But KOL’s newly released album has fans interested again after all these years. Every album until now has purposely and notoriously had a five syllable title. However, their latest album entitled “WALLS” clearly points out the bands new direction. Their EP “WALLS” is slow and emotional anthem featuring only Caleb in the video. It’s a bold move since the band’s familial tight-nit feel has been at the crux of their success thus far. Their second released video has been for their song entitled, “Waste A Moment” and it gives serious cinematic vibes. With ironic beautiful and brainwashing cheerleaders at the focus, the Followill brothers navigate a murder crime scene in suburban America. It might be catchy, but far from cheesy. The plain and obvious move to return to craft over mass appeal echoes to their earlier erratic vocals and original rhythms which made them all the more lovable. Although they might be dads now, the Kings’ latest album is an effort to show their fans why music connoisseurs first fell in love with them. KOL has just announced its latest tour which includes dates on the East Coast of America and parts of Western Europe like Leeds, Glasgow and Hamburg.

Kings of Leon, "The Walls Come Down"

Kings of Leon, “The Walls Come Down”