Kayla Itsines’ BBG World

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Australian Fitness guru, Kayla Itsines has taken the fitness world by storm. She has amassed over 5m followers on Instagram and received publicly endorsements from Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Elle and Shape magazines. Her Bikini Body Guide is helping transform lives weekly and the results of those who have managed to keep up with her consistent workouts are proof that her program is worth the hype.

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Her battle cry of ‘let’s get bikini body confident’ has translated into an app, Ebook deals, a community 10m followers strong, and an extremely fast growing business empire; her site offers those wanting to get in shape a monthly to three month membership starting at just $4.61 a week.What’s more enticing for her new clients is that her workouts rarely require equipment. Ideal for those who don’t think they have the time to fit adequate workouts into their schedules, Kayla’s daily routines are just 28 minutes long.

On top of specially targeted workouts that emphasize building lean muscle through interval cardio training and self weight resistance, Kayla has the cure for those lost when it comes to dieting too. Her site offers 5 new recipes each day to choose from. She also allows members to choose from standard, vegetarian or vegan meal plans so that each blood type can find something that satisfied their cravings best. Personally curated shopping lists and tips to stay organized with food and meal planning is another part of her site that’s spoon-feeding her followers into smaller sizes. To boot, she calls out those sneaky ingredients that hinder the most effective weight loss one can enjoy.

Aside from making working out simple and easy, Kayla is winning over more and more followers each day from promoting a happiness factor. Her adherence to spending one day per week simply foam rolling and stretches goes along with her mantra of ‘respect your body and its progress.’ As the weeks increase in your commitment to her plan, she adjusts the caliber workout to match the shape you’re in; it’s rewarding to see endurance build. More importantly though, it’s the results in the mirror that have been blowing us away.

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