How to Vacation without Going Broke

The delightful world of social media has given women everywhere great aspirations to live up to. Your sort-of best friend took her one-year-old twins to Disneyland, bought them matching Minnie and Mickey costumes and enjoyed every single outing offered in the park, even though they won’t remember a thing. Yet, you know for a fact the credit card debt is growing with each magic wand she buys for her kids. At this point, you face an interesting choice: join in the rapidly growing group of individuals who take vacations they can’t afford, or try traveling on a budget. While the first option may seem sexier, choosing the latter proves that you’re growing into a well-rounded adult capable of making smart financial decisions.

In order to aid you in your quest to live within your means but still enjoy the occasional vacation, we put together a list of traveling tips for those on a budget.

Monitor Air Fares

Don’t book the first flight you come across. You may be tempted to get all the details in order right away, but many flights drop in price over time. The economy strongly affects the air travel industry, so you will see some price cutting from airlines. Try travel sites that offer discounted airfare and make sure you shop around before choosing a flight. It may even be worth traveling at all hours of the night to save hundreds of dollars.

Go Prepared

If you’re an impulsive spender, this step may be difficult for you. Before you take off on your long-awaited vacation, budget your money exactly where it needs to be. While you may see some fluctuation in the costs of food and gas in certain areas, you can stop yourself from buying that must-have scorpion keychain from the gas station in Portland if you know you simply don’t have the cash.

Try All-Inclusive Packages

When you’re budgeting for vacation, the costs of travel, lodging, food and excursions can grow fairly quickly. In some popular vacation destinations, it’s possible to book an all-inclusive vacation that covers your food, booze, airfare and lodging in one total cost. Not only will this save you money, but these packages greatly simplify your life when traveling.

Travel during the Off-Season

Ya, we know you are an all-important executive and you simply can’t get the time away, but let’s face the facts. Nothing is going to fall apart without you for a week. If you can get the time, try to travel during the off-season. Summertime and holidays are typically busier for resorts and vacations spots, so these areas tend to be more expensive. Travel during the slower months to enjoy lower costs and less populated venues.

If you’ve just got to travel during the busy times, try a secondary location spot. Look at your chosen vacation spot on the map and choose a small town or city close to that spot. You’ll save money and enjoy a nice, relaxing vacation in a unique spot.