Gray Hair, Don’t Care

If you’re thinking of following the trend of dyeing your hair gray like runway models from this season and celebrities (including Ciara, Zosia Mamet, Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Hilary Duff, Rita Ora and Rihanna), then you might want to read on.

There’s no doubt that the gray look is a kick-ass fashion statement for women to make; with silver locks, young females turn heads for a striking look that calls for respect of old age. It’s an ironic take on the strife that millennials have endured: the recession, tireless job hunting, social media dramas and political situations that no one saw coming.

As the bright new things of the world, perhaps it’s best to present ourselves as wiser than just tweeting, instagramming, facebooking know-nothings. It’s also a gender issue. Women who choose to embrace the silver are certainly challenging the stereotype that youth is a woman’s best friend. Maybe ageing is something to be cherished when we live in such precarious environments. Thus, the gray hair, don’t care look is just the trick for many women.

The process of turning heads with silver hair is a lengthy one and should be thought over given the toll it takes on one’s head. Regardless of natural hair color, the gray look is achieved by first dyeing the head pale yellow. This step inevitably changes the quality of hair because of the extreme nature of bleach. Ammonia and peroxide open the cuticle of every hair follicle.

While this allows for hair to soak up bright, light color, it also makes it very dry and brittle. Hydrating masks are a must- but so are the upkeeps! It’s a conundrum that we’ve seen a few friends go through, and it’s not the greatest sight. What originally was meant to be empowering, beautiful and distinguished can quickly turn into unkempt, unusual and disheveled. 

Gray hair verdict: Do it if you want to make heads turn. Don’t do it if you’re on a tight budget.