5 Interview Tips for New Grads

It’s a scary world out there.  The economy is still struggling to recover and jobs are scarce.  Even worse, jobs for college grads are dwindling as employers look for ways to avoid healthcare costs and save money on staffing.  In order to get that coveted job that you work so hard and paid approximately 17 million dollars for, you’ve got to come prepared to your interview ready to wow the boss.  With competition fierce, the more you prepare, the more likely you are to get the job.

Know Your Selling Points

Don’t think that you can walk into an interview and sell yourself without any practice.  Identify what three things are so great about you, and don’t include things like your bowling skills or high tolerance for alcohol.  Consider the job and the company and determine which attributes you possess that will allow you to benefit the organization.  Practice communicating these things to the employer in a way that is professional and personable, but always be prepared to relax and ditch your script if the situation calls for it.

Research the Company

The ad for the job looked great in your morning paper, but do you have any idea what the company really does?  Do significant research on the organization before your interview.  Check out the company’s services, any philanthropic work they do and any relevant news from the past year.  Impress your potential employer with how interested you are in the company.

Back Up Your Claims

Anyone can say that they have leadership skills, but having the examples to back up your claims puts you one step ahead of the competition.  Once you’ve come up with your three personal attributes that make you a perfect fit for the job, think of specific examples from your life that back up your claims.  For example, maybe you were the head of your sorority in college and helped with fundraising efforts.  Share relevant examples with your potential employer that highlight your best attributes.

Ask Intelligent Questions

It’s never bad form to ask questions of your interviewer.  It’s not likely that you got all the information you needed from viewing the ad for the job.  Come prepared with intelligent, relevant questions to ask at the end of your interview.  If you pass on the questions opportunity, it may seem like you have little interest in the job.  Any questions that come up during the interview should be written down and addressed at the end of the meeting.

Rest up and Practice

You may seem like a fool in front of your mirror listing your best characteristics, but you’ll feel relieved when the words flow right off your tongue during your interview.  Practice with someone you trust that will give you constructive criticism.

The night before the big interview, get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.  You’ll have more energy and less anxiety if your belly is full and your head is clear.

Closing the Interview with Confidence

Your confidence in yourself comes across when you are trying to portray exactly who you are.  Be yourself and avoid creating a fake persona that you think will get you in good with the boss.  Always be genuine and friendly, and don’t be afraid to tell them how great you really are.