Exercise Even While Chained to Your Desk

In today’s world, more and more jobs are being conducted over the Internet.  This translates into more time at a computer for professionals in most industries.  Unfortunately, humans weren’t made to sit at a desk for eight hours every day.  Your body needs to move and be active in order to stay healthy.  So how do you fit in a trip to the gym when just the effort to get your keys out of your pocket seems monumental?  Have no fear.  We’ve got some easy exercises that you can do while sitting at your desk or in your office.  We believe that’s called killing two birds with one stone, or being super efficient.

Jump Start Your Heart

You can increase your heart’s longevity and lessen your risks of heart disease by forcing your heart to go from resting to active in just a minute’s time.  Supplement your regular exercise routine with several of the following each day to get your heart rate moving when you are feeling sluggish.

  • Do jumping jacks for one minute
  • Run in place for 60 seconds
  • Jump rope for 60 seconds
  • Shadow box for 1-2 minutes
  • Do lunges for a full minute
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator

Strength Builders

Feel like your arms are getting flabbier each day, or that your behind couldn’t get any squarer?  If you’re worried about expending too much energy in a professional setting, try building your strength through some of the following exercises.

  • One-legged squats
  • Kick your butt with one leg while standing with the other straight
  • Lift your butt out of your chair with your arms and elbows on your chair arms and hold for several seconds, repeating 15 times
  • Hang onto your desk with your arms while pushing your chair back and rest your head between your arms while gazing at the floor, and repeat 15 times
  • Do 15 desk push-ups twice a day
  • Alternating each leg, lift the first off the seat and extend, hold for several seconds then put the foot down, stopping and holding before it hits the floor

Stretching Activities

You’ll notice a long day at the office more in the form of tension if you don’t take the time to stretch your muscles throughout the day.  If you’re desk bound, ease your stress by regularly stretching your muscles with these exercises.

  • Sit up straight and try to pin your shoulder blades behind your back, hold for several seconds
  • Sit forward, turn your head right and your abdomen left and hold for several seconds, alternate sides and repeat
  • Relax your neck and allow your left ear to touch your left shoulder, press your head slightly lower with your hand and hold for ten seconds, repeating on both sides
  • Sit tall, extend arms above your head, extending one longer than the other for several seconds

A desk job doesn’t mean you have to let your body go.  Climbing the figurative ladder won’t strengthen your body or work your muscles, but paying close attention to your posture and your activity levels will do wonders for your tension and stress levels.