Create a Long Distance Relationship That Isn’t Doomed From The Start

It’s the digital age, people.  No longer is it unheard of to fall in love with someone you’ve never actually seen, and it’s also not impossible to create a functional relationship from thousands of miles away.  Granted, long distance relationships face obstacles that don’t exist with couples who live close to each other, but there are also benefits to not seeing someone every day.  Anyone who has been married for a few years recognizes the wisdom behind the idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

That being said, long distance relationships do require a little bit more effort on both your part.  It’s way too easy to let hurt feelings fester when you can avoid each other for weeks at a time.  If you’re looking to make your relationship work, try some of the following tips to increase your chances of making it.

Regular Communication

It’s tough to be madly in love with someone that you never get to see.  If you have to forego the chance to stare into each other’s eyes and play footsie under the table, you should at least get the benefit of getting to know each other in different ways.  Don’t give up the exciting parts of a new relationship – just tweak them to make them work for your relationship.  Make the effort to talk to each other at least once a day, even if it’s a scheduled phone call.

Keep Them on Your Mind

Your feelings may get pushed to the back of your mind when you don’t see each other often, but you can bring them right back by talking about the love of your life to those around you.  Make sure your co-workers and friends know you are in a relationship and that you are off the market.  Cheating is a huge issue in long distance relationships, so drop your risks by keeping him or her on your mind at all times.

That being said, be careful that you also talk about OTHER things.  Your friends want to hear about you, not just what your sweetie ate for dinner.

Skype and FaceTime

If you don’t have regular access to the Internet or know how to Skype another person, you might as well drop off the face of the earth.  Long distance relationships are easier now because you can actually see each other regularly, even if you can’t touch.  Schedule a regular Skype call or FaceTime rather than just talking on the phone.

Everyone Loves Presents

Is anyone NOT excited to get a present in the mail?  Send your long distance honey something in the mail every once in awhile to let them know that you’re thinking of them.  Guess what?  When they knows you’re thinking of them, they are also thinking of you.  Email and text are great, but try putting a card or a small gift in the mail every week or so.  If you hate the post office, have no fear.  Amazon makes it easy.

Make Plans

While long distance relationships are more successful than ever before, it’s still exciting to have an end date in mind.  Make plans for the future, and don’t be afraid to commit to someone you love because of a simple matter like geography.