Add Holiday Sparkle to Your Outfits

If there is anytime when some over-the-top shine is appropriate, it’s the holidays. The lights, the silver bells and the flashy ornaments all spell one thing: bling. Piling on jewelry is an easy way to add some sparkle, but here are some additional fun, easy ways you can dress up your look this season.

Your Clothes 

The most obvious way to make a statement is with your clothing. Go conservative with small touches or be bold and throw caution to the wind:

  • The sequin dress: A bold, bold option for those who can pull it off. This is an all-out commitment to sparkle. Pair it with stud earrings and other simple jewelry – metal, not gemstones, so you don’t take away from the dress.
  • Tops and skirts: Think beaded tops paired with jeans or a pencil lurex skirt with a conservative, elegant blouse.
  • Jazzed-up jacket: While a sequin jacket is fabulous, you might not be ready to go so big. Look for tweed or denim options with lurex thread for a soft but exciting sparkle.

Play with texture with your holiday outfit. When it comes to choosing shoes or a bag, opt for materials that contrast your bling so you don’t look overdone.

Your Accessories

Accessories are perhaps the most fun, because they can be as over-the-top as you want and still be a conversation piece – not a fashion disaster:

  • Belt it out: Skinny, shimmery belts look great around holiday dresses or pants.
  • Fancy feet: Absolutely no shortage of crazy here. Go to town. Gemstones, glitter, embellishments – bedazzle the hell out of your feet! Just make sure those toes are pedicured if they are peeping out from your statement shoes.
  • Clutch or bag: You can finish off any outfit with a shiny package of sparkle with a clutch or wristlet.
  • Wrap: Again, check for subtle shimmer with lurex fabric, or a wrap that fastens with a well-placed, sparkly pin.
  • Headwear: Grab a hat or headband. Aside from Halloween, the holidays are one of the few times you can get away with feathers, netting, beads and jewels all over your head.

Your Makeup

From your moisturizer to your eye shadow, you can get away with some subtle sparkle on your face. The key with adding shimmer to your makeup is not to overdo it. If you go big with your eyes, avoid putting glitter elsewhere. Your sparkle should pop – not overwhelm.

  • Eyeliner: Throw a splash of color on your eyes with dark green or plum liner to coordinate with a winter look. Or, get your shine on with jewel-toned liners or liquid glitter eyeliner.
  • Highlights: Opt for shimmery blush or eye shadow along your cheekbones or even some under your brow.
  • Eye shadow: Put a dot of glimmering shadow directly in the center of your eye shadow and then blend it out
  • Moisturizer: Grab some cream-based luminizer and add a touch of it to your everyday moisturizer before applying. When you put your foundation on, you’ll have an underlying glow.

Remember: The holidays are your time to shine, so have fun with your outfit. You can definitely get away with a little more shine than usual, but you don’t want to have more sparkle than the Christmas tree. Add some pop and know your limits.