5 Interview Mistakes That Can Doom Your Future

After what feels like 7,000 years, you’ve got your degree in hand and you are ready to enter the exciting world of making loads of money and loving your job.  Before you can settle into that plush leather chair and start shopping, you’ve got to nail that interview.  When you feel like you nailed it and never got a call back, don’t write the failure off as bad chemistry.  Review your interview and determine if you made one of the five fatal interview mistakes.

You Left Your Phone On

Really?  As an adult who has probably had a cell phone since you were ten, you walked into one of the most important meetings of your life with your phone ON in your pocket or purse?  Serious rookie mistake.

You show a serious lack of respect and consideration for your potential employer when you leave your phone on.  Always remember to turn your phone off, or better yet, leave it in the car.  Don’t just turn it to vibrate.  Anyone younger than 90 knows what that annoying buzzing sound is and where it’s coming from.

You Can’t Stop Talking about Yourself

Sure, everyone wants to hear about your grades, how you single handedly saved your sorority and how you can hold your alcohol better than of your friends.  Except, we really don’t.  Especially not in a job interview.

Pay close attention to how often you use the word “I” during your interview.  While it’s important to share your strengths and your successes, make sure to balance the conversation with questions about the company and the position.

You Don’t Know how to Hide Your Desperation

We all understand the realities of student loans and rent payments, but let’s face it.  No one wants to hear about it during a job interview.  It’s important to find the thin line between interest in the job and total desperation.  As in you’ll-do-anything-to-just-be-allowed-to-earn-a-paycheck desperation.  That’s just unattractive.

Everyone wants what they can’t have.  Even if you want to fall on your knees and beg for a chance, stay confident.  Your interviewer needs to know that you have other options before they can realize what a catch you are.

You CAN’T Talk About Yourself

Yes, you were just told to avoid talking too much about yourself.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, you must be able to sell yourself a little bit.  Come prepared with strong answers about your qualifications and how they can be an asset to the company.  Avoid rote responses and trust your instincts when you feel you should delve further into your background.

You’re Running Late

What is this, amateur hour?  We don’t care if your dog died right in front of you on your way in (heaven forbid!); there is NO EXCUSE for being late for an interview.  In fact, in order to avoid any pesky obstacles that may come up, always plan to arrive half an hour before the interview.  You can hang in the lobby and do some research on the company culture while you wait, and you are less likely to run into problems on the walk from the lobby to the office in that last 30 seconds.

Prepare, Prepare and Prepare

All of these mistakes can be avoided with a little bit of extra preparation.  If it’s the job of your dreams, wouldn’t you take the time to be ready for anything they can throw at you?